Our history

SELAVY ‘JEWELS was born thanks to the heirs of an italian jewelers’ family tradition, that has been going on for more than 60 years.

Business starts after the Second World War, when Francesco Lazzaro, to follow his family, moves to Caracas, Venezuela, and young and brilliant, he starts to attend a goldsmith’s professional school. Once he has completed his studies, he starts to collaborate with prestigious goldsmiths.

In the 1960s, back to Italy, he works at Catania’s most important jewelery workshop, where he continues his professional career.

Inventive and industrious, he decides to set himself in and to open his first jewelery workshop in Catania. His great artistic and stylistic abilities and the great knowledge of precious stones make it possible to collaborate with the best jewelers around the city.

So, after his successful business in Catania, he decides to move both the company and the staff to Valenza, the world capital of jewelery, and thanks to his handcraft skills and great stylistic refinement, he has immediately received recognition in the international market.

His passion and love for jewelery, professionality and attention to the quality of items and precious stones have often led him to Brazil, Colombia, Santo Domingo and the United States, trasmitting these values to his heirs who have created the brand SELAVY JEWELS.


Today the brand SELAVY JEWELS wants to be an innovative style brand. Continuous research and goldsmith tradition are the key elements to express excellence and quality in all SELAVY JEWELS’ collections. The design of SELAVY ‘JEWELS takes inspiration from the Beauty in all its perceptions: life, nature, colors…Every collection is designed within the company, the Bureau Office who deals with style together with the business bureau office decide on the main theme of the collection, the development of each jewel follows a complex stages of a preliminary study, from the sketch to the ultimate design, from technical design to feasibility 3D modeling, from prototype design to production line. All stages, up to the creation of SELAVY  jewels, are followed with particular care and attention, resulting in a unique and exclusive jewel, an example of aesthetic perfection and harmony.The elegance of SELAVY’s jewelery makes fashionable and sophisticated wearers, giving class and style. For SELAVY ‘JEWELS beauty is life, and every collection is designed to give life to beauty.

SELAVY ‘jewels are created in Italy, by the hands of skilled artisan masters, who are distinguished in the world for quality and perfection. The precision of manufacture and attention to detail enhance the quality of each piece, conveying emotions and passion, making SELAVY jewelry unique and recognizableThe production is carried out at the laboratories of Valenza and Catania, using state-of-the-art technology and instrumentation, but preserving the tradition of Italian goldsmith art. The high quality standards followed by SELAVY and high-level design guarantee to the customers the unicity of an enchanting masterpiece. Accurate control of every jewel SELAVY ‘, the result of the great craftsmanship of goldsmiths, guarantees the customer a high quality item.SELAVY JEWELS, attentive to the new marketing and communication strategies, pursues the goal of a selected distribution both in the Italian market and in the foreign market. SELAVY JEWELS: beauty, perfection and style. The refinement of Made in Italy.